About us


amp.it rewards fans for building movements around creators they care about.


Creators spend big money on individual release campaigns (film, TV, music, digital video etc). At the end of a campaign, the creator can point to “x million” views, but can’t reach those viewers or identify who are their most engaged fans. Each campaign starts at zero, and the creator pours more time and money to go from “zero to a million” again…and again…and again…

With amp.it you’ll never start at zero again.


Our technology makes it easy and affordable to find & reward your most engaged users. Amp.it helps creators save money by turning their audience into a community At the end of an amp.it campaign you’ll know:

  • Who are your top fans
  • How to reach them again


Fans get points & rewards for discovering amazing new talents, and amplifying their works. They can follow each other, to learn what other fans are listening to, watching and sharing, and in the process they can help new creators "blow up!"


Our first client was The World Cup of Hip Hop: Take Back the Mic — a two-time Emmy finalist in the juried category of Original Interactive Programming, In just two seasons, we were able to achieve amazing results for the digital series including:

  • Employing our amp.it technology to give fans 100% power to cast, curate and direct the outcome of the show
  • Garnering over 20 Million media impressions worldwide with no marketing spend
  • Bringing an unknown band from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro to the front page of their national paper
  • Reaching 30-min avg user sessions
  • Staging an epic finale at Miami’s New World Center, featuring DJ Maseo of legendary Grammy-winning rap group De La Soul, along with the 3 top artists from the show and the 3 top-scoring fans from amp.it
  • Brokering a partnership with eMerge Americas and NBC-Universal/Telemundo to host & promote the Season 1 finale
  • Expanding from 3 to 6 countries in Season 2
  • Incorporating a cutting-edge interactive VR app into the multi-platform series
  • Receiving two Emmy nods in as many seasons
Our technology is a revolutionary tool for audiences, creators and brands to amplify a new generation of creators. And we are just getting started...

For Press Inquiries, you can reach Lucia Brawley at lucia@amp.it.

Our Team

Derrick N. Ashong

Our CEO Derrick (DNA) made it from a house with no running water in Accra, Ghana to the Ivory Tower of Harvard, which he attended first as an undergraduate, then as a Ph.D. student researching how Open Source software concepts could influence the content industries. He has spoken on 5 continents, including for UK Parliament, the United Nations, and Stanford and Harvard Business Schools on issues of Tech and Society. He's been a TED Fellow, a Paul and Daisy Soros Fellow, and consulted for Fortune 500 companies in Media and Mobile. An Emmy-nominated TV host and producer, he has been a pioneer in producing multi-platform interactive content. He has also acted in a Spielberg film, hosted his own radio show for Oprah, been featured by Johnnie Walker as a Master Communicator — and he’s a black-belt martial artist!

Esteban Robles Luna

Heading up amp.it's tech development, Esteban made his bones in Silicon Valley as Lead Engineer for the LinkedIn Influencer program and a Senior Engineer at Globant (Google, Playdom, Fox Networks). Hailing from Argentina, he is a Senior Software Engineer with deep knowledge in software design, architecture, development and testing. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Universidad Nacional de la Plata and is a published author and presenter on Software/Web Engineering.

Jonathan M. Gramling

Jonathan, who manages our engineering & product teams, helped pioneer online fundraising as Deputy Director of Technology for the DNC. And he worked at the heart of data-driven reform in education as Director of Technology for the See Forever Foundation in Washington, DC. He has been performing as a musician his entire life, is an award-winning writer & vocalist, and an advisor at Harvard University, his alma mater.

Lucia Brawley

Lucia is our movement-builder and crafts our communications. She's a contributor to The Huffington Post and CNN.com, among other outlets, and has been a keynote speaker at The Yale School of Music. Her writings were quoted in the hearings for the California State Senate Creative Industries Revitalization Act. She founded a group of 4 volunteers in Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign and helped grow it to 2000, delivering his largest margin of victory in California during the '08 Primaries. She has acted for some of the world's foremost film and theater directors, and attended Harvard College, Trinity College Dublin, and Yale University.