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Major media companies use YouTube & Facebook to target & measure audiences, but they don’t know exactly Who’s watching or Why. With each new release, content owners must spend millions to rebuild from scratch an audience they don’t understand.

AMP Global builds passionate communities around content…
Giving brands & media companies deep insight into global youth audiences

Gamified proprietary app

Rewards fans for engagement 

Embeddable Video API

Syndicates interactive content 

Global Youth Audience

Generates deep Analytics 


TV Quality Content
The Interactivity of Social Media

X-ray vision into
Who’s watching and Why

How it Works

By engaging with & amplifying great content, Take Back the Mic users gain unprecedented access and brands gain unprecedented insights into their audience

login screen

Step 1

Fans view artist uploaded content in the TBTM app


Step 2

Fans and artists earn points for watching and sharing content


Step 3

Top-scoring fans and artists win rewards

World Class Experts

Photo Credit: Jane Feldman


Creator and host of Take Back THE MIC: AFRICA, a son of Accra, Ghana, grew up knowing hardship and challenges, but excelled academically and made it to Harvard University. He would go on to become an Emmy-nominated TV host and producer, and Billboard-recognized Hip Hop songwriter. He is a pioneer in producing multi-platform interactive content for global audiences, and has hosted his own radio show for Oprah a TV show for ABC/Disney; spoken at the United Nations and UK Parliament on issues of Tech & Society, and launched a ground-breaking interactive series for Al-Jazeera English that won a Royal Television Society award in its inaugural season. Constantly breaking barriers, and redefining his own paradigm, DNA is the Founder of AMP Global, a digital media "echosystem" that allows content creators to own their narrative and connect with their fans all over the world.

Our team includes a PhD Computer Scientist from LinkedIn, the tech advisor to the CEO at Google, the former head of Global Brand at Motorola, the former head of worldwide TV distribution at Paramount Studios, the former President of 20th Century Fox Music, board members of top African telco MTN, and the Executive Producer of the West Wing and 24. Our production team has 3 Academy Award submissions.

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